Other Lab Networks

In Latin America, Europe, labs are networking to share human and technical resources, inspiration and support.
LabSurlab is a meeting of labs (officials, marginal, institutional, independent labs, from Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Colombia, the United States, Spain, France, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela meet in Medellín to discuss and practice of cultural strategies of a company network
  • LabSurlab # 1 Medellín / Colombia 04-12.04.2011
  • LabSurlab # 2 Quito / Ecuador Junio15 - 23. 2012

LABtoLAB is a network of media labs set up by 4 European organizations that are active in the field of new media :
  • Constant // Brussels, Belgium
  • Kitchen Budapest // Budapest, Hungary
  • Medialab-Prado // Madrid, Spain
  • PiNG // Nantes, France
It aims is to create a platform for sharing experiences and ways of doing, exploring the role of the lab in offering spaces for collaborative learning and knowledge exchange, studying specific cases and examining the possibilities of life-long learning in the context of the lab.
From 2009 to 2011, meetings, workshops and seminars took place in Budapest, Madrid, Brussels and Nantes. Each encounter opened up to a wider community of labs and individuals, and extended beyond European borders. This website documents the process and its outcomes.

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